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Watch experts from the Pyregence Project discuss groundbreaking research and technical innovations in these recorded webinars.

Pyrecast Fire Forecasting Tool Demonstration | August 18, 2023

Pyregence Webinar Series
Pyrecast – Easy-To-Use Near-Term Fire Forecasting Tools For Improved Wildfire Situational Awareness

Dr. Chris Lautenberger presents the latest features and functions of the PyreCast near-term fire forecasting platform developed as part of the California Energy Commission EPIC program funded Pyregence Project (#EPC-18-026).

Extreme Wildfire and Microscale Weather Patterns

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Extreme Wildfire and Microscale Weather Patterns

A Review of Regional and Microscale Weather Patterns Associated with California’s Extreme Wildfires

Dr. Janice Coen offers a look at how weather conditions, at multiple scales from seasonal to microscale, have combined to produce some of California’s most destructive wildfire events.  The webinar was recorded in August 2021.

Pyrecast fire forecasting tool Demonstration | June 18, 2021

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New Models for Faster, More Accurate Forecasts

Learn how the Pyregence Project is working to improve fire risk models in order to provide more accurate wildfire forecasts. We show you the framework we’ve built for our web-based tool (now in beta) and lay out our plans for the future. The webinar was recorded in June 2021.