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Pyregence Blog

A blog dedicated to wildfire risk mitigation

The Pyregence blog is dedicated to wildfire risk mitigation, science, research, forecasting, and the latest news about the applications we are developing.

Pyregence Webinar Series
Easy-To-Use Near-Term Fire Forecasting
Please join us as Dr. Chris Lautenberger presents the latest features and functions of the PyreCast near-term fire forecasting platform developed as part of the California Energy Commission EPIC program funded Pyregence Project (#EPC-18-026)
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Pyrecast: A Near-Term Fire Forecasting Tool
Chris Lautenberger demonstrates PyreCast, Pyregence’s near-term fire forecasting tool. This webinar was recorded on June 22, 2022.
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panoramic wildfire California
New Wind Data Could Improve Fire Weather Forecasting
New research from Pyregence shows that during Diablo events, strong winds can be detected high in the atmosphere hours before they descend to the surface—information that could provide critical advance warning of dangerous fire weather conditions.
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Better Science Better Models – Meet Pyregence
Pyregence has taken on a dual mission: first, conduct basic research to understand the climate and fuel conditions driving the new era of severe wildfires; and second, use the results of that research to help build the next generation of wildfire risk models.
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A Review of Regional Microscale Weather Patterns Associated with California’s Extreme Wildfires
Dr. Coen presents a look at how weather, at multiple scales from seasonal to microscale, combines to produce some of California’s most destructive wildfire events.
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June 18 Product Demo: See Pyregence’s Forecasting Tool In Action
Learn about the Pyregence project, and the innovations we’re planning to fire risk models in order to provide more accurate wildfire forecasts.We’ll show you the framework we’ve built for our web-based tool (now in beta) and lay out our plans for the future .
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Pyregence Launches New Forecasting Tool for Tracking Active Fire Spread
Register now for a June 18 webinar, taking place from 1-2:30 PM Pacific time, to learn how you can use a new fire forecasting tool from the Pyregence Consortium. Open source and freely available to all, the Pyregence forecasting tool differs from anything else currently available, offering forecasts to three specific audiences: residents of active fire zones, electric utility companies, and agencies responsible for forest management and emergency response.
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New Research: Extreme Weather types in CA Identified & Shown to Support Rapid Fire Growth
Work Group 1, the team within Pyregence focused on understanding the effects of historical weather on fire growth, recently completed an analysis of the state’s fire activity record. Records date back to the early 2000s (the approximate time workers began collecting intraday moderate resolution satellite active fire detection data).
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