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Pyregence Consortium

The Pyregence Consortium is advancing scientific knowledge of wildfires and building next-generation forecasting tools. Guided by an open-source philosophy, the Consortium is making the tools free and available to all, while also providing access to all underlying model inputs and datasets.


Largely funded by a grant from the California Energy Commission, the Consortium is composed of leading researchers from 18 institutions across industry, academia, and government, as well as software developers and designers.


Within the Consortium are four interconnected teams. Our two research teams, the Extreme Weather and Wildfire Team and the Fuel Mapping and Fire Physics Team, are fundamentally advancing our understanding of fire weather and forest fuels. Data inputs from this body of research will be fed into Pyregence’s new set of accurate, fast, and simple models, which are being developed by the Wildfire Forecasting Team and the Climate Change & Fire Projections Team. These two teams are developing tools that will generate accurate wildfire forecasts for the next week—and the rest of the century.

Using Pyregrence’s free, web-based tools, government officials, electrical utilities, and other users can access the information they need to safeguard people and property and strengthen the resilience of infrastructure and ecosystems.

Pyregence Team

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