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The Public
Wildfire Risk Projections

Pyregence gives members of the public the tools they need to understand wildfire, stay informed, and take action to address the risks they face in the days and decades to come.

The devastating wildfires of recent years have claimed a heavy toll in life and property. Concerned members of the public now realize that mitigating the effects of wildfire is not just the responsibility of the government—everyone has a role to play. With better forecasts of near- and long-term wildfire risks, people can gather the information they need to stay safe and prepare for an uncertain future.

Wildfire Forecasting

We provide the forecasts residents need to understand wildfire risk in the week ahead and take action to protect themselves and their property.

Get advance warning of times when weather and fuel conditions make communities susceptible to fire.

Monitor forecasts of how active fires may spread and prepare for potential evacuation.
Take immediate steps to limit fire hazards by clearing debris from roofs and gutters and removing flammable items that are near the home.


Forecast Application: PyreCast™

Our web tool provides several forecasts, including active fire spread, fire weather danger, and fire risk

Fire Forecasting
User’s Guide
Guide provides instructions on using the near-term risk forecast outputs

The ability to assess and forecast wildfire risk based on weather conditions and other environmental factors such as fuel load is critical. Want to learn more about the research we’re advancing in these areas? Visit the following pages.

Extreme Weather and Wildfire

This team will ensure that utility companies and government agencies have the fire weather forecasts they need to make life-saving decisions. Using machine learning and wildfire simulation techniques, our scientists are evolving our understanding of the relationship between weather conditions and wildfires.

Forest Fuels and Fire Behavior

To understand fire behavior, you must first understand fuel loads. We’re improving the accuracy of fire behavior forecasting by increasing our understanding of the fuels available on the forest floor. Our scientists will map the current amount, types, and distribution of fuels, and project future fuel loads over the next 10–20 years. We’re also conducting laboratory experiments to better understand how different sizes and types of fuels burn under varying weather conditions.


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