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Co-founder and CTO, Salo Sciences

Chris contributes to the Fuel Mapping & Fire Physics Team, the Wildfire Forecasting Team, and the Climate Change & Fire Projections Team by providing data on vegetation and tree mortality derived from high-resolution remote sensing imagery. He leads Salo Science’s technical and editorial operations. He began his career at the Carnegie Institution for Science in the Department of Global Ecology with the Carnegie Spectranomics Project and the Carnegie Airborne Observatory. A student of plant ecophysiology, he joined the Spectranomics team to analyze how genes and the environment interact to determine the expression of plant traits, as well as how to measure those traits with remote sensing. He then joined the Airborne Observatory team to coordinate, collect, and process data from airborne ecology missions. During his doctoral studies, he developed an open-source tree species mapping algorithm. He’s now working to better integrate satellite data into vector-borne disease and ecosystem services mapping efforts. He holds a doctorate in Biology from the Center for Conservation Biology at Stanford University.