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Director of Environmental Modeling and Software, Spatial Informatics Group

Gary is a member of the Wildfire Forecasting Team. He is working on enhancements to the GRIDFIRE model, including integrating the use of literate programming in code to ensure the source code of GRIDFIRE is understandable to a broader audience. He is responsible for ensuring that the modeling framework is designed to be scalable, computationally efficient, and scientifically robust. Gary is a computational scientist who specializes in the dynamic modeling of spatially distributed environmental phenomena. He developed new spatially explicit ecosystem service connectivity models (SPAN and ARIES), and over the past five years he has built fast fire behavior, weather, and risk models (GRIDFIRE and IWAP). His research interests include simulation modeling, extreme value statistics, decision support systems, risk assessment and uncertainty modeling, data mining, and machine learning. Gary holds a doctorate in Computer Science from the University of Vermont.