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Operations Coordinator, Spatial Informatics Group

Jason is responsible for administrative coordination of the Pyregence Project, working closely with the Project Manager, Principal Investigator, Project Accountant, and Project Attorney. Jason has over a decade of experience in natural resource project planning and management and has authored more than 20 scientific papers. As a project manager for the Fire and Fire Surrogate Study, he coordinated an interdisciplinary team of scientists for a study on the effects of fuel treatments on mixed conifer ecosystems. In addition to his research, Jason also brings practical forestry experience: he is Registered Professional Forester (RPF) and has worked in the Sierra Nevada Mountains as a wildland firefighter and wildlife field technician. As a fire ecologist in the Plumas National Forest, he worked as part of a US Forest Service team conducting National Environmental Policy Act analysis for landscape-level fuel treatments. As conservation director for the Feather River Land Trust, Jason worked with large landowners to help develop and fund conservation easements on working ranches in Plumas County. Jason holds a master’s in Environmental Science, Policy, and Management from UC Berkeley.