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Project Manager, Spatial Informatics Group

Justine assists with administrative and knowledge transfer work for the Pyregence Project. At SIG Justine is responsible for proposal development and submission, project communication through social media, and the development of GIS training materials to promote the global use of software platforms developed by SIG’s Environmental Mapping Team. She formerly worked as a Project Management Coordinator at the UC San Diego Design Lab, as a Lab Technician at the University of San Francisco Geospatial Analysis Lab, and as an environmental science teacher at a high school in San Francisco. She has experience with Esri products, lidar, and Google Earth Engine. Justine holds an MBA from the University of San Francisco; a master’s in Environmental Management (with specialties in sustainability, corporate social responsibility, and data visualization), also from the University of San Francisco; a GIS Certification from USF’s Geospatial Analysis Lab; and a bachelor’s in Environmental Systems from UC San Diego. She lives in Southern California.