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Professor of Biology and Research Scientist, University of New Mexico

Matthew is a contributor to the Climate Change & Fire Projections Team, delivering analysis and products related to long-term modeling in support of California’s Fifth Climate Change Assessment. He is working with the two separate approaches for statistical fire risk modeling to integrate their outputs into the LANDIS-II vegetation model, and will run scenarios for adaptation strategies in LANDIS-II. Matt is a forest ecologist working at the interface of ecology, economics, and policy on issues pertaining to climate change mitigation and adaptation. He has broad experience in long-term modeling and simulation and has been projecting climate change mitigation and adaptation scenarios in fire-prone forests in the Sierra Nevada under future climate change. He also has extensive experience in the implementation and modeling of adaptation strategies such as fuel treatments. For the Teakettle Experiment, located in the southern Sierra Nevada, he has been researching the effects of mechanical thinning treatments and prescribed fire on ecosystem properties and carbon dynamics. Matthew holds a doctorate in Ecology from UC Davis.