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Co-director, Natural Hazards Team; Project Manager, Spatial Informatics Group

Shane is the Project Manager for Pyregence. He is responsible for managing day-to-day tasks related to the project, as well as reporting both to the California Energy Commission and to the Principal Investigator. He is a wildlife biologist with more than 25 years of professional experience in natural resources management, regional land use planning, GIS analysis, application of remote sensing technologies, wildlife habitat use analysis, and aquatic ecosystem condition assessment. He has managed projects addressing regional natural resource planning, forest carbon, wildfire risk assessment, aquatic plant monitoring, life cycle assessment, GIS analysis, drone imagery collection, wildfire risk, and wildlife habitat. Prior to joining Spatial Informatics Group, he was the science, monitoring, and evaluation program manager for the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, as well as the wildlife program manager for the US Forest Service in the Lake Tahoe area. Shane holds a master’s in Natural Resources and Conservation and a bachelor’s in Wildlife Management from Humboldt State University.