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Research Ecologist, Geosciences and Environmental Change Science Center, U.S. Geological Survey

Todd is a contributor to the Climate Change & Fire Projections Team, specializing in long-term fire projections. He will deliver statistical modeling, analysis, and products related to long-term modeling in support of California’s Fifth Climate Change Assessment. He will develop one of the approaches to statistical fire-risk modeling and then integrate it with both the LUCAS-CA and LANDIS-II vegetation models. He will work closely with the team to identify the differences in approaches and the best path forward for fire projections to support the Fifth Assessment. His current research combines remote sensing with statistical and process-based ecosystem simulation models to understand the drivers behind ecosystem disturbances and quantify the impacts of disturbances on human and natural systems. He holds a doctorate in Forestry from the University of Wisconsin–Madison and a bachelor’s in Animal Ecology from Iowa State University.