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Founder, GIS Analyst, and Wildfire Management Expert, Deer Creek Resources

Zeke is an operational field expert facilitating the integration of technical analysis into operational practices. He is contributing to the Extreme Weather & Wildfire Team, delivering advice on fire progression and fire weather events from an operational/field perspective; the Fuel Mapping & Fire Physics Team, delivering advice on field conditions during megafires; and the Wildfire Forecasting Team, delivering advice on the integration of risk forecasts into fire management and wildfire mitigation plans for investor-owned utilities. Zeke has worked on landscape-scale wildfire hazard assessments for wildlands and commercial timberlands in California and the Pacific Northwest, developed major wildfire hazard mitigation projects, and helped implement prescribed fire projects in the wildland-urban interface (WUI). He is the founder of Deer Creek Resources, a wildfire science, tactical mapping, and disaster management consultancy that has provided incident mapping services on more than 170 major wildfires across the American West. Zeke holds a bachelor’s in Geography and Cartography from California State University–Chico.